the surrealism of driving


written by Trevor Olson 

Our office administrator was mentioning a lady at the bank in front of him today told the teller ‘I’ll look forward to seeing you on Friday, as long as I don’t eat too much barbecue.’

Someone who has enough time to look forward to seeing the teller in two days has done well with it. At some sort of odd angle with that kind of settledness is driving. Driving is moving without movement. There’s travel and the traveler is traveling, but not working - the machine is. We’ll get in the the car this weekend perhaps and drive to L.A., which means we sit down in a seat. Two hours later we stand up and go about life in L.A.

Interesting when you stop to think about it, isn’t. Movement without work and movement at speed are the two of the many things anyway about this part of our liturgy which certainly play on time. Taking the relationship between time and travel and travel and effort simultaneously surrealizes time and speeds it up. The trouble in our lives with speeding up time is we can get it going so fast with so much inertia it gets away from us and we have hard time pulling it back.

The difference then between the lady at the bank whose is expectantly looking forward to her next meeting with the teller and a lot of us speeding down the road is she is good at making time slow down and has plenty of it and we are good at making time hurry up and are poor in it.