Making the change is what I help people do. Each course of work is specific to your particular needs. Care may be in someone's personal, familial or professional life, or all of them. To do good work I offer a number a of services. Some common services are listed below.

Consider it an investment. Expect a return. Done right it will be one of the best commitments you'll make. If you're interested in something you don't see give me a call or send me a note. There's a good chance I or somebody I know can find it.

Skilled nursing


Do you have a patients in your facilities who need psychological services? Do you have patients whose psychological issues are  negatively affecting their recovery? Would you like to have psychological expertise on hand that takes care of the billing and sends you the notes? We would like to be a resource.



Anxiety, Depression/Bi-Polar Depression, Serious Mental Health Conditions, Motivation/Progress in Treatment, Neuropsychological Functioning, Ability/Mentality towards Recovery, Adjustment to SNF, Strengths to assist in Rehab, Psychosocial Performance


Individual Psychotherapy, Family Psychotherpay (when indicated), Motivational Interviewing to aid recovery, Coping & Adjustment

Topic specific intervention, including: Loss & Grief, Anxiety & Depression, Death, Isolation

Treatment is tailored to person, presenting concern, and anticipated length of stay



Depressed, overwhelmed, lost, lonely, hurting, fearful, or feeling empy? Struggling in school? I am a local psychologist who has worked with a lot of people going through what you are and helped them make their life better.




Unresolved Problems From the Past, Loss & Grief, Personality, Identity & Sexuality, Serious Mental Health Problems, Faith & Inner Healing, Trauma & Abuse, Depression & Anxiety, Shame & Addiction

Group Counseling


Family, Social Development, Coping & Adjustment, Experiential (activity based),

Support Groups, including: Loss & Grief, Anxiety & Depression, Children of Divorce, Adoption


Testing & Assessment

$1950/Standard Battery

Psychoeducational Testing, IEP/Disability Evaluations

Psychological Assessment, Diagnostic/Psychiatric Batteries


Do you have a member you are worried about, a question you're wondering about or a topic you would like your congregation to know more about? I would like to be a resource.

Project Basis

Confidential Collaboration With Pastor, Discounted Counseling, Organizational support

Seminars & Discussion Groups, including: Emotional Health, Stages of Change, Shame, Family Dynamics