Publications (Trevor Olson)

Read “The Beautiful Movement: Spiritual Formation in a Christ-Centered Communal Ministry” here.

Read my paper from APA 2016 on difficult conversations in religion.

Browse my study on life narratives and personal identity in group discussion.

Olson, T., Tisdale, T. C., Davis, E. B., Park, E., Nam, J., Moriarty, G. L., Davis, D. E., Thomas,   M. J., Cuthbert, A. D., &        Hays, L. W. (2016). God image narrative therapy: A mixed-methods investigation of a controlled group-based              spiritual intervention. Journal for Spirituality in Clinical Practice, 3.

lson, T. A Counsel of Virtue: Encouragement for the Good Life. In Progress.

professional activity


Witherspoon, C. Khan, M., Harris, K. & Olson, T.O (August, 2016). Difficult Dialogues About Religion. Accepted Presentation for Division 1 at APA National Convention, Denver, CO.

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Tisdale, T., & Olson, T.O. (July, 2014). Mixed Method Assessment of God Images: A Symposium. Presentation at APA National Convention, Washington D.C.

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Olson, T.O., Moriarty, G., Davis, E., & Tisdale, T. (July, 2013). Approaches to God Image Assessment and Treatment. Presentation at God Image Symposium, National Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Olson, T.O. (May, 2012). The Psychology Of Innovation. Presentation at the Rwandan Development Board’s Conference on Innovation.

Olson, T.J. & Parker, S. (March, 2012). A Jungian Analysis of the Shadow in a New Testament Parable. Paper Presentation at the Christian Association of Psychology National Conference, Washington DC.

Olson, R., & Olson, T.J. (February, 2012). Consultation in a 12-Step Setting. Poster Presentation at the mid-year meeting of Division 13. Pasadena, CA.

Calhoun, R., & Olson, T.J. (January, 2012). Consulting Psychology in a Clinical Program. Presentation at the Cultural Diversity Lunch Series, Virginia Beach, VA

Olson, T.J., Haber, J. & Jones, E. (September, 2011). Positive Psychology, Virtue and Character Formation. Presentation as the Paradigm Shift Initiative, Virginia Beach, VA.

Olson, T.J. (August, 2011). Treating God Images via Narrative-Experiential Approaches. Presentation at God Image Symposium, APA National Convention, Washington DC.

Olson, T.J. (March, 2011). A Narrative Approach to Communication: The Hidden Value of Stories. Presentation for the Student Affairs Department of Christopher Newport University, VA.

Olson, T.J. & Adams, R.J. (2011, February). 12 Steps to Sanity: Narratives and Recovery. Presentation for a continuing education seminar, Virginia Beach, VA.


APA Division 13 Summer (2016) Conference Organizer                                                                  Lead planner responsible for executing the Division 13’s summer meeting

APA Division 13 Conference Summer (2017) Conference                                                         Planner responsible for directing the division’s presence at APA’s summer meeting

Division 13 Liaison to ECP Committee of APA

Constituent member of APA’s committee for Early Career Psychologists

Division 13 Mid-Winter Conference (2016) Planner                                                  

One of five planners responsible for executing the division’s annual Mid-Winter Conference